Wedding Hair at Shear Paradise Salon

On her wedding day, a bride should feel beautiful and be the center of attention when at the wedding hairstylist. It’s difficult to feel beautiful in a cramped, busy salon underneath fluorescent lighting. It’s hard to feel special when you are rushed and surrounded by stressful energy.


Our studio is elegant, warm and inviting. From the first contact, Shear Paradise Salon will forward you information on preparing for your bridal hairstylist trial, personal grooming and event preparation based on what you and your wedding hair need in particular, in order to look your very best.


Should there be more than just you in your group, a customized wedding hairstylist schedule will be created for your event, from our unique questionnaire that your friends and relatives will complete, helping us to prepare in advance for hair types, style desires, coloring and the like. So call Shear Paradise Salon today, for the complete professional wedding hairstylist experience.


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